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{About Me}

Northern Virginia Native

Follower of Jesus, lover of people, enthusiast of colors

Davidson College Class of 2020; studio art & communications minor

Retired D1 Athlete

~living that ADHD lyfe~

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{About My Art}

Short Version:  Colors are cool. All brains are important. Take care of ya brain & be patient with other brains. The stigma around mental health has gotta go. Let's normalize & celebrate non "normal" brains. Also, enjoy life & stop to smell the colors every once in a while. <3<3<3

Long Version: My work ranges from painting, drawing, photography, to digital media, or some combination of the four. Having been diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder), I use art to explore where the deviation in my perspective begins. Fast paced mediums like spray paint or digital work are best at keeping my brain stimulated and interested. My main goal is to bring awareness to the strengths of ADHD brains, emphasize the importance of mental health, & add a little more color to the world. 

 ADHD is just one type of different brain, but there are a lot of different brains in the world, and a lot of different perspectives that are trying to fit into a standardized model. A brain's value shouldn't be whether it can "keep up" or "succeed" with predetermined expectations but by its unique strengths! Different brains have different strengths! All brains are good brains with the right environment, accommodations & understanding (just like all art is good art in the right frame).

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